Cili Holdings

Cili Holdings operates "Cili Pica", "Cili Kaimas",  "SOYA", "Forest" and a food manufacturing unit "Maisto Namai", food delivery system 1822; also manages a chain of Japanese restaurants "Tokyo" and provides food delivery services. 

Čili's food manufacturing unit, "Maisto namai", was established in 2008. The production ranges from a variety of salads, and confectionery foods to frozen foods, delivered to supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels. The company can be proud of its line of frozen foods, My Vitaly, dedicated to active people looking for quality products.

In 2002, Čili Holdings introduced telephone and online ordering systems. Today,  1882 is a premier number in Lithuania to order food over the phone  and www.1822.lt is the most popular website in the country for online food ordering!

"Draugų Card" ("Friends' Card") is a loyalty program of the Cili Holdings restaurant chain in Lithuania and Latvia. "Draugų Card" is very popular among all age groups and  currently there are more than 280,000 active members in Lithuania and Latvia. "Mylimiausia Card" ("Beloved Card") is a loyalty program that combines six different partners in one card: ČILI restaurants, GINTARINĖ pharmacy, IKI supermarkets, STATOIL gas station, SEB bank, and SENUKAI shopping centers. "Mylimiausia card" is the same as a usual card of every partner separately, but instead of six cards, it enough to have only one.  

Moreover, Cili Holdings can be proud of its exceptional team of professionals working in different parts of the company. One of the company’s specialists, Liucija Makovska, won a Silver Medal in Expogast 2010/Culinary World Cup. More than 2,300 chefs from fifty different countries participate every four years in this international culinary competition.

Furthermore, Cili Holdings continues to expand by offering Čili franchise agreements. The time-proven Cili trademark can ensure the success of one’s enterprise. Already, nine companies have become partners of the Cili Group by acquiring  a franchise.

Website: www.cili.eu