"Pigu.lt" is the biggest e-shop in Lithuania. Opened to the public in 2008, "Pigu.lt" is well known for being e-commerce pioneers in Lithuania. According to RAIT (2014) data, awareness of a brand among Lithuania’s citizens is 70%. For three years in a row, it was recognized as the best e-shop in Lithuania (Computer Bild Lithuania magazine 2008, 2009, 2010). In 2012, "Pigu.lt"  got a prestigious „Gazele” award as the fastest growing company in Lithuania (759% growth in four years). 

Largest categories of "Pigu.lt" by number of SKUs are household electronics, IT, perfumes and cosmetics, sports clothing and equipment, furniture and home interior.  There are almost 50 000 SKUs in total.

"Pigu.lt" has a warehouse of 3,000 sq.m. and has plans to increase it up to 6,000 sq. m. in the upcoming few years. The warehouse is equipped with a modern system which enables our employees to prepare up to 15 000 orders a day. 

Website: www.pigu.lt