Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Adhering to its firm approach to protect personal privacy, LTk Capital Ltd publishes on its website the techniques of information collection and circulation used by the company.

When administrating the website and diagnosing the operation of internet servers LTk Capital Ltd and its subcontractors may use the website visitors’ IP addresses. An IP address may also be used to identify the user’s computer and to collect statistics necessary to monitor the website attendance to be able to evaluate the popularity of different website chapters as well as to improve its navigation. Such information, though, shall not be related with the visitors’ personal particulars. With the help of browser cookies we may save the history of visitor attendance on the LTk Capital Ltd website. This is the most widely applied practice followed by the majority of administrators of internet servers operating in Lithuania and in the world. No other personal information is collected on this website.

LTk Capital Ltd also contains references to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations. LTk Capital Ltd is not responsible for the content of such websites or the techniques used by them to ensure privacy.

Should you have any questions about the description of this privacy policy or the techniques of collection and use of data on the website attendance, please contact us by e-mail:

LTk Capital Ltd. reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and to replace it with a new edition of the policy.


Use, circulation of the visual text and graphics on the website, including but not limited, in other websites, media, etc. is prohibited without the consent of LTk Capital Ltd.

The copyright to information belongs to respective natural and legal persons, as indicated next to the visual text or graphics. The right to information containing no reference to third party copyright belongs to LTk Capital  Ltd. Non-property copyright of the website software belongs to Neosymmetria Ltd.

Although LTk Capital Ltd puts all efforts to ensure that information published on this website was true, updated and not distorted, the company shall not be liable for freshness and accuracy of the information provided on the website and for the consequences that may arise from the use thereof.